Halloween: Memory Lane

I’ve never talked about Halloween before on my blog, but I’ve just got to say, I LOVE HALLOWEEN!

Today, for some reason, Halloween has been on my mind. Every year we (well, mainly me and a few friends) throw a party called the Feast of Screams. Last year, we cancelled it because Halloween was a week after my honeymoon ended and we didn’t have the time or energy to pull it off 😦

This year…I’ve vowed to bring it back with a BANG.

So, obviously, I already know what my costume will be this year 🙂


EFFIE TRINKET! Loved the Hunger Games and the over the top fashion of the capitol. PERFECT Halloween costume. I’m going to try to convince the husband to be Seneca Crane, but who knows if he’ll agree or not.

I thought I’d visit some past costumes…get the Halloween juices flowing as I start to plan.


Pirate Wench, too easy


This took some work. Peacock! Made my owl tail using feathers, hot glue and cardboard. Chopped up a Target clearance dress and found some crazy feather lashes.


Aaron was Steve Erwin. You can’t tell, but he’s wearing a sting ray on his back and had the stinger going into his chest! Lol! So wrong, but so right.


My all time favorite mask!


2010 – Low key costumes – Mulder and Scully from our favorite tv show X-Files. We plan on naming our first son Fox. Seriously.


This was part of our indoor decor/photo op area. We now have about 4 of those creatures that we hang from our trees. They are so fun! Best part is they are sold at WALGREENS which equals cheap. I like cheap 😉

Anyways, hope I got a few readers into the Halloween spirit! Let me know if you come up with some kickass costumes!

-XOXO, Jessica


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