New project(s)!

Twerking on two new projects!

Both will be sprucing up our backyard area and both were…wait for it…FREE!!!!!!!!!

Scrounged this “junk” from neighbors garbage piles! Woot!


Awesome chair and heavy! Started painting/sanding. Think I’ll stain the wood a dark cherry.


FREE phone table that will serve as a side table for my new FREE chair. Stole this beauty from my moms garage sale pile!

Oh wait…there’s more…

I stuffed this table, chairs and glass (not pictured) into the back of my car BY MYSELF. Seriously hilarious memory. Prob looked like a psycho, but HEY! It. Was. Free.


All of the chairs are getting fresh paint, new bottoms (courtesy of father in law) and new cushions!

Will upload pics of the finished products 😉

– xoxo, Jessica


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