Purse Party + Fall Recipes

So last night I had a purse party. You know, kind of like a Tupperware Party, but WAY more fun because it’s purses 🙂



Of course I forgot to take pics of the purses, the happenings and the food 😦 Eh…I didn’t even have time to do my hair (hence the bald look aka bun). BUT I do have some of the links to recipes I used that were a hit!


These were SO GOOD. My best friend Jordyn has an alterego called The Healthy Housewife. The Healthy Housewife has an AWESOME food blog. These are one of her creations. They are called Chocolate Ginger Cookies and they are so Fall-y and delicious.


Also made these Mini Apple Pies from a recipe I found on Pinterest by the Little Bit Funky blog. They were amazing! Once the apples were peeled and diced, the rest of it was super easy to put together. There is something about miniature food that is so exciting!

Notice a Fall theme yet? haha I can’t wait for the season change!


Lastly, I made this Fall Dip. I didn’t get as fancy as Carolina Charm and put it in a pumpkin though. This was kind of a sleeper item on the table. I don’t think people realized what exactly it was because I didn’t have time to label anything and I was well into my 3rd glass of Sangria by the time the party got going so I didn’t really announce it (sorry not sorry). Once people started trying it with the ginger cookies and other dipping items, it went pretty fast.

Let me know if you try any of these! I loved them all!

-xoxo, Jessica


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