Just like a one winged dove…

Sings a song, sounds like she’s singing…oooo! Baby, oooo, said oooo!

I went to an 80’s party this weekend. which explains this…


Yup…and a little of this


My husband is the leather clad member of the Village People in the top left corner haha! It was fun, nostalgic and silly. I’m a little frightened to see what other pics emerge from that night because I may or may not have had too much gin 😉

Also, this weekend I purchased *drumroll*

Pumpkin Cream Cheese!! So, so, so good! I also ordered pumpkin lip balm from Posh haha! Pumpkin overload!

Saturday night, we rented “Silent House”.


It was surprisingly good! We had about 5 people over and everyone liked it, which I find rare because scary movies are so lame these days.

Sunday was an extremely lazy day for me. I felt really off all day and spent it grocery shopping, then napping off and on.

All in all, it was a great weekend and I can definitely feel a difference in the air. Come on Fall! Husband banned me from putting up Halloween decorations this early. I am itching with excitement!

How was your weekend?

– xoxo, Jessica

P.S. Hair update pics are up in the natural hair tab!


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