A hint of Halloween

Aaron told me I wasn’t allowed to decorate for Halloween yet. We compromised and decided that on the 15th I could “start” to put things out lol.

So, to prove I could be subtle, I decided on a two part Halloween decor plan. Sept 15 – Oct 1 would be subtle fall/Halloween. Oct 1 – 21 complete Halloween overload!

I found amazing black and white striped bows and ribbon at Michael’s and brought out my orange and twig pumpkins and printed some subway art that combined the color scheme. I quite like subtle…for now.

Edit (9/18): just found these at Target! LOVE when things just come together! See the little bit of orange stitching? So, so, so cute!


Speaking if black and white stripes, Oscar De La Renta created this…

If anyone would like to purchase this for me so I can wear it for the next two weeks straight plus any special occasion for the rest of my life, I’d REALLY appreciate it 😉

– xoxo, Jessica

p.s. If you like Subway art, I found it at Eighteen25 blog! Thanks ladies! Love your printables 🙂


7 responses to “A hint of Halloween

  1. I’m digging the stripes! xo Kristin

  2. I love the title of your post! Your decor is perfect for this time of year. Not overdone yet giving us a hint! Take Care from Thea

  3. haha!! You’re hilarious. I love your little way of prooving you can be “subtle”

    • The worst part is, he walked in a goes, “are black and white stripes even Halloween?” ha! I can’t win! I told him the color scheme is Halloween inspired, which I’m not sure he bought lol 🙂

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