Jillian Michaels: Final Update

I did this program back in May and totally forgot to give a final update! People still find my blog from googling about the program, so here’s what happened! I’ve removed this from the Vanity tab and will be updating current regime there.


Bought this hellish disk at Target for $10. I wanted to do Insanity, but didn’t want to commit to it’s price before I could prove that I could commit to a new routine. So..Jillian it is and I have NOT been disappointed. She’s no joke.

Anyways, that’s my current goal. To complete 30 days of this program (I’ll be adding in gym some days and running).

WEEK ONE: Up 0.4 lbs (Cinco de Mayo Margaritas lol) / Down 4 inches

WEEK TWO: Down 1.6 lbs/Down 1 inch

WEEK THREE:  Forgot to weight measure – Injured leg pretty badly on the last day. Went into depression because I hadn’t missed ONE day of the program until now. Gave up and nursed my hurt ankle for a week. Literally, a week. I was seriously upset which is why I didn’t even bother blogging about it until now – 5 months later 🙂

WEEK FOUR: Hurt ankle/ego.

WEEK FIVE: Did the program 3 days so I could feel like I finished it (still pissed). Lost 3 pounds and approximately 6 inches from the 3 full weeks and 1 half week I put into the program.

FOOD: I did not do a strict diet with this, I ate fairly normally and cut back on sweets and super carb heavy meals (ie: pizza, pasta, etc). Also, I spent one weekend out of town which had quite a few meals out and still was able to lose.

FINAL THOUGHTS: I really enjoyed the program. I wasn’t thrilled with doing the same routine for a week straight, but it was challenging for sure. I’d recommend it/do it again in the future. Thanks Jillian!


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