Christmas Cards, yay!

I’ve mentioned my amazing friend Rachael before, but I need to again. She is an incredible photographer and took some really great pictures of us to use in our Christmas cards 🙂 She’s awesome, if you’re ever in Florida look her up!





_MG_9091You can’t tell from the pictures, but I had a complete meltdown right before hand because the shirt I wanted to wear (a lacie but casual, peach, super cute and MUCH more forgiving shirt I bought specifically for this shoot) went missing. It was the end of the day, I felt bloated, I didn’t want a tight shirt on because I knew we’d probably have to sit down with the dog which leads to awkward shirt folds or rolls, etc. etc. etc. I freaked out, calmed down, freaked out, then put together this outfit. The pictures turned out great either way, so I’m glad I didn’t get TOO crazy over it (ok, I did go crazy, but whatever). I ended up liking the yellow. It just sucks when plans don’t work out, you know?

Without further ado….


Our Christmas card 🙂 This is a picture of the card, not the actual card or file itself. For some reason it uploaded weird, the pictures are black and white (not pink lol) in person…and it isn’t fuzzy looking in person…but you get the gist…

We went the old Walgreens route, found a coupon code and end result = 40 cards from $19.

50 cents a card? Yes please! Yay! Christmas!

What did you do for you Christmas cards this year?

– xoxo, Jessica


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