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Game Changer

Yes, my friends. I have found it. A quick drying, no nonsense top coat. Essie’s Good to Go, about $8 at Target, WORTH IT. image Mmmm, no chips, no smudges. This was after about three mins and it was at that not tacky point, but not FULLY dry, yet still dry enough to move around haha. I’d give a solid 5-10 if you have time. Either way, I’m impressed. imageWhat’s your favorite top coat? I’m an OPI fiend, but I haven’t been happy with their base coat, so I switched it up this time around. Thinking I may be adding more Essie to my repertoire! – xoxo, Jess


Some of my faves right now

These flats. Thanks Payless! So comfy.

This candle. B&BW. Also, try the “Leaves” one. To die for.

Neutral nails. Pinterest inspiration on left, my spin on the right 🙂

This skirt. I mean, it’s a bit summery, but I think with black tights a different top and boots I can twerk it for Fall.

Have I mentioned my new bed? 😉 Here’s my BFF standing next to it. STANDING.

What are some of your new Fall faves?

– xoxo, Jessica

Thrift baby, thrift

Just in case anyone didn’t read the title right, it’s meant to be sung like the Tootsie Roll song 😉

I had a GREAT thrift day today! I’ve been following a few new bloggers that have insanely good thrift skills so I’ve been really inspired lately.

First up…new Christmas ornament. My Christmas decor is very “woodsy” and warm, lots of forrest greens, deep reds, holly berries and golds.

Also, a little light up tree wrapped in burlap (also a staple in my Christmas decor)

Cute, right?
Next up, a new (to me) board game! We try to keep a well stocked game closet, however we didn’t have Clue! I love buying board games at thrift stores because you can find the versions you grew up on. Don’t get me started on how bad they effed up the characters on the new Candy Land box. It’s just, not right! I know this isn’t technically the original Clue box, BUT it’s the one I remember. So, therefore right in my world 🙂

Now for the fun stuff! Jessica Simpson coat for Fall/Winter. Yay!

And….*drum roll* barely worn Sam Edelman sandals! $2.50! WOOT!


Grand total: $15 🙂

Thrift baby, thrift!!! Haha

Anyone else have any incredible finds lately?

– xoxo, Jessica

Kardashian Kontour

Let me start by saying, I love the Kardashians. My husband, hates that I love their shows. I can’t help it! They have developed and created an empire, branding and pushing their businesses with every rise and fall of their fame. Genius!

Anyways, love them or hate them there is one thing the Kardashians know how to do well…makeup!

Yes, they have a great base to work with, but they do employ some seriously good tricks to their makeup routine that gives them all that glow-y chiseled look, most notably on Kim.


After researching (googling, duh) I’ve learned that this can be achieved by contouring with light and dark creams or powders. It’s really fascinating and similar to techniques used in stage makeup.


Kim tweeted an example today of the before and after. Isn’t that insane? Im going to be testing this technique soon, there are TONS of YouTube video tutorials.

I’ll let you guys know how it goes!

Have you ever contoured? Do you find it to make a difference?

– xoxo, Jessica


Have you heard of Birchbox?

I’m not a fan of monthly subscription things. Shoedazzle…don’t get me started.

Birchbox has peaked my interest though. Makeup, samples, beauty products?

Yes please! $10? Even better.

I went ahead and “requested” (eww) a subscription, although I’m not sure I’m going to take the plunge just yet. I mean…I have 4 weeks until I’m accepted (ughh…sounds like a weird cult).

Until then, I’ll be reading reviews and other blogs on the matter.

Anyone out there try em? Love em? Hate em? Hate to love em?

– xoxo, Jessica