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Um hi, remember me?

So…I don’t know where I’ve been, but hello WordPress! SO MUCH HAS HAPPENED.

I lost like, a lot of weight.

We bought a house.

My adventure with Origami Owl is better than ever.

Where to begin??

Duh, house!

*drum roll*






Oh yeahhhh


CHECK OUT THAT VANITY! One of my besties walked in and goes, “oh, sweet camo sink”



Pros: Generally clean, brand new carpet in bedrooms/hallway, 3 bed – 2 bath (what we wanted), 2 car garage, decent backyard and patio space, freshly painted walls – ready for color, AWESOME neighborhood. I know, because I grew up down the street. If you’re good at math and assumptions, YES, we just moved a street away from my mother 🙂

Cons: We moved a street away from my mother (lol – kidding), carpet (*gag* I’m a hard wood type of gal…yes I read that and am still going to post it), disgusting appliances, needs exterior paint BADLY, no closet space anywhere.

I’m looking forward to posting updates of what we do with this house. Despite my sarcasm, I do love it. We wanted a fixer upper so we bought a fixer upper. I PROMISE, I will be posting before and afters soon, but for now I’m dealing with this…


Hi there leak! Right into our master closet! YAY FOR HOME OWNERSHIP!!!

-xoxo, Jess


Blogger Christmas Swap

So, I’m doing something super “bloggy” aka something I’ve never done before.
Yay for new things!
I signed up for a Christmas swap.
Should be fun because: A) I love the thrift and B) I love Christmas.
Lara's Vintage
I’ll update when the time is right 🙂
If you’re interested in participating, I believe there are still a few days to sign up!
– Jessica

Has it really been 3 weeks since my last post?? Geeze Louise! I need to get cracking, so much has happened! (poet and I didn’t even know it) Aaron got pinned into his Fire Department, I’ve Halloweened my entire house … Continue reading

I want!

Do you ever just…look around the internet..for things. Not porny pervy things, but things you want to own for the sake of having new things? The idea of buying something, anything, fills your mind. Often times the happens out of sheet boredom or after a particularly stressful day for me. I have not been indulging in these urges lately because A) I’m a grad student/newlywed…if you need more explanation on that it means I’m BROKE. B) Christmas is coming which means I’ll either ask for these random finds OR buy them for myself when out shopping for others (judge me, I don’t care).

Anyways…for your viewing pleasure…My list of things I want to buy, but refuse to allow myself to buy until a later, more appropriate time!!!

1) Blue Avocado Lunch Tote


These are SO COOL. Particularly this one….


Do I pack lunches on the reg? No. Do I want to have a kickass lunch set when I do? YES! (I mean, who wouldn’t?)

2) Michael Kors Gold and Horn Watch


I fricken love this watch. I’ve always loved the look of white watches on others, but not on me. Too stark for me. This one looks GREAT against my skin tone and is just, a work of art. I try it on every. time. I go to Macy’s 🙂

3) The Grip and Tip (*snort laugh*) Nail Polish Holder

ImageHow convenient right? You don’t even have to do the awkward dip and tip between each nail with this bad boy.

4) THIS Iphone Case in THIS color.


So chic it hurts.

5) Sideways Cross Ring


Lastly…and most useful looking, but would probably never get used….

6) Contigo Kangaroo Water Bottle! (preferably in Teal)


*sigh* A girl can dream, right?

– xoxo, Jessica

p.s. The links to purchase any of these items can be found when you click on the pictures (HINT MUTHERCLICKING HINT AARON) lolzzzz Christmas is in 3 months!

Purse Party + Fall Recipes

So last night I had a purse party. You know, kind of like a Tupperware Party, but WAY more fun because it’s purses 🙂



Of course I forgot to take pics of the purses, the happenings and the food 😦 Eh…I didn’t even have time to do my hair (hence the bald look aka bun). BUT I do have some of the links to recipes I used that were a hit!


These were SO GOOD. My best friend Jordyn has an alterego called The Healthy Housewife. The Healthy Housewife has an AWESOME food blog. These are one of her creations. They are called Chocolate Ginger Cookies and they are so Fall-y and delicious.


Also made these Mini Apple Pies from a recipe I found on Pinterest by the Little Bit Funky blog. They were amazing! Once the apples were peeled and diced, the rest of it was super easy to put together. There is something about miniature food that is so exciting!

Notice a Fall theme yet? haha I can’t wait for the season change!


Lastly, I made this Fall Dip. I didn’t get as fancy as Carolina Charm and put it in a pumpkin though. This was kind of a sleeper item on the table. I don’t think people realized what exactly it was because I didn’t have time to label anything and I was well into my 3rd glass of Sangria by the time the party got going so I didn’t really announce it (sorry not sorry). Once people started trying it with the ginger cookies and other dipping items, it went pretty fast.

Let me know if you try any of these! I loved them all!

-xoxo, Jessica

Chair Cushion Conspiracy


Why are chair cushions so fucking expensive?

Honestly, SO expensive. It’s a conspiracy!!! $25-30 for 1 cushion?!?!?!

I look on Etsy, a set of 4 for $130!

Unless it’s made of solid gold, there is no way in HELL I’m paying over $10 for a freaking cushion for asses to rest on and eventually SWEAT on as the cushions are for OUTDOOR USE.

Damn it.

– Jessica



Sometimes the internet is really good to me. Today is one of those days!

Look what I found!!


Designer Handbag Cupcakes by Made Fresh Daily Cakes!


Gucci – Dying.


Chanel – I can’t take how awesome these are.

I must eat one of these before I die.

That is all.

– XOXO Jessica