Hair Update/Review

Well, well, well, here we are (me and my curls) in December! 9 months relaxer free and just started seeing some MAJOR changes in my curls. I got a trim about a month and a half ago, and the lowest layer of my hair is now relaxer free (again, I have an asymmetrical bob). My curls must be happy or something, because all of a sudden, HELLO VOLUME

I’ve been experimenting with different products again, because as my hair has slowly transitioned from mostly relaxed to halfway relaxed, products I hated are now working and products I loved…are in the trash.

Today’s experiment included: Co-wash with Herbal Essences (purple one…not buying that again), Palmer’s Coconut Hair Milk and Beautiful Textures Curl Control Pudding.


I haven’t used the pudding for a wash and go until today and have been beyond surprised at the results. Soft, defined curls in my natural hair and wavy controlled ends on my relaxed hair. A+ from this transitioner!ImageImageImageImageImage

The next one shows the drastic difference between where my natural hair stops and relaxed hair starts. Spirals vs waves haha


Happy to have found some new faves for a wash and go! I was using Garnier Cream Gel, but it has not been working as well since my last trim and I have a feeling I will be phasing that out the longer I transition. What the fro wants, the fro gets!

– xoxo, Jessica


Christmas Cards, yay!

I’ve mentioned my amazing friend Rachael before, but I need to again. She is an incredible photographer and took some really great pictures of us to use in our Christmas cards 🙂 She’s awesome, if you’re ever in Florida look her up!





_MG_9091You can’t tell from the pictures, but I had a complete meltdown right before hand because the shirt I wanted to wear (a lacie but casual, peach, super cute and MUCH more forgiving shirt I bought specifically for this shoot) went missing. It was the end of the day, I felt bloated, I didn’t want a tight shirt on because I knew we’d probably have to sit down with the dog which leads to awkward shirt folds or rolls, etc. etc. etc. I freaked out, calmed down, freaked out, then put together this outfit. The pictures turned out great either way, so I’m glad I didn’t get TOO crazy over it (ok, I did go crazy, but whatever). I ended up liking the yellow. It just sucks when plans don’t work out, you know?

Without further ado….


Our Christmas card 🙂 This is a picture of the card, not the actual card or file itself. For some reason it uploaded weird, the pictures are black and white (not pink lol) in person…and it isn’t fuzzy looking in person…but you get the gist…

We went the old Walgreens route, found a coupon code and end result = 40 cards from $19.

50 cents a card? Yes please! Yay! Christmas!

What did you do for you Christmas cards this year?

– xoxo, Jessica

Hair update

Well, the bottom of my hair is ALL natural! It’s been 8 months since I started the transitioning process. Here’s a pic – this was after a wash and go, my hair is kind of dry because I used mousse and then bunned it after work, but you can still see the curls coming in strong!


I still plan on keeping my hair around this length (maybe a bit longer – collar bone) until all of it is natural 🙂

– Jessica

Deck the Halls

I’ve been decking the halls!

Here’s our teeny tiny tree!

This pathetic tree is on it’s last leg 😦 my husband bought it in Virginia when he was away at school for a year. He drove it down to Florida and almost left it in a parking lot, until I made him drag it to my house since I had no tree and no money to buy one. It’s been our tree for 3 years and its finally breaking down (it was only $10) It’s been a bit of a joke, but now that it’s falling apart I’m definitely going to miss it!

My little niece beast got her Christmas pictures taken! How cute is she?? The bow tie kills me! She’s almost five 🙂
Here’s her newest creation…


I’ve also been working on things for the blogger swap I’m doing! Posts will be happening soon!

– Jessica

Blogger Christmas Swap

So, I’m doing something super “bloggy” aka something I’ve never done before.
Yay for new things!
I signed up for a Christmas swap.
Should be fun because: A) I love the thrift and B) I love Christmas.
Lara's Vintage
I’ll update when the time is right 🙂
If you’re interested in participating, I believe there are still a few days to sign up!
– Jessica

Jillian Michaels: Final Update

I did this program back in May and totally forgot to give a final update! People still find my blog from googling about the program, so here’s what happened! I’ve removed this from the Vanity tab and will be updating current regime there.


Bought this hellish disk at Target for $10. I wanted to do Insanity, but didn’t want to commit to it’s price before I could prove that I could commit to a new routine. So..Jillian it is and I have NOT been disappointed. She’s no joke.

Anyways, that’s my current goal. To complete 30 days of this program (I’ll be adding in gym some days and running).

WEEK ONE: Up 0.4 lbs (Cinco de Mayo Margaritas lol) / Down 4 inches

WEEK TWO: Down 1.6 lbs/Down 1 inch

WEEK THREE:  Forgot to weight measure – Injured leg pretty badly on the last day. Went into depression because I hadn’t missed ONE day of the program until now. Gave up and nursed my hurt ankle for a week. Literally, a week. I was seriously upset which is why I didn’t even bother blogging about it until now – 5 months later 🙂

WEEK FOUR: Hurt ankle/ego.

WEEK FIVE: Did the program 3 days so I could feel like I finished it (still pissed). Lost 3 pounds and approximately 6 inches from the 3 full weeks and 1 half week I put into the program.

FOOD: I did not do a strict diet with this, I ate fairly normally and cut back on sweets and super carb heavy meals (ie: pizza, pasta, etc). Also, I spent one weekend out of town which had quite a few meals out and still was able to lose.

FINAL THOUGHTS: I really enjoyed the program. I wasn’t thrilled with doing the same routine for a week straight, but it was challenging for sure. I’d recommend it/do it again in the future. Thanks Jillian!

Halloween Nonsense

Every year I throw a party called the Feast of Screams. These are some of the ridiculous pictures from the night. My friends are pretty creative haha, it was smaller than usual, but ended up being VERY entertaining. I’ll explain more below… Enjoy 🙂

I’m supposed to be Effie Trinket from the Hunger Games. I know, I know, it came off very Nicky Minaj. Whatever!


“Chick magnet” – lol!




Can’t remember what the wrestler is from, oops!


“Shark week” 🙂


Britney Spears and K-Fed


A tipsy Care Bear, Stripper and Cat Woman.


This was a game we played called “Tempt Your Fate”. Basically, it’s a bunch a fates/dares that you MUST participate in if you choose to draw a fate. There were a few prizes (Halloween t-shirts) thrown in there, but most consisted of ridiculous things to do + taking shots from the “consequence bowl”  which was an unholy mixture of vodka, cranberry juice and a bit of moonshine for good measure.


Fate was unkind – trick or treat to one house (this was 4 days prior to Halloween hahaha)


Tempting fate was a mistake – you must trade costumes with tribute (cue Effie Trinket)


Punishment – solo dance performance (and the resulting picture hahaha)


Winner, winner, chicken dinner!

Overall it was a good time! I have a pic of my husband and dog on my phone I’ll try to upload later. They were “Spaghetti and Meatballs” 🙂 SOOOO cute!


Happy (belated) Halloween!

– xoxo, Jessica