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Hair Update: October

Hair is growing, growing, growing. Even with a trim, it’s almost to my shoulder when straightened (at the front – it’s cut asymmetrically). Loving my new darkened color.

Today, I did a dry braided Bantu knot out. I call it dry because I didn’t start it with freshly washed hair. In fact…it was a dried out certified rats nest of curls.

What I did:
Step 1) put a little bit of product in hair, mine was 3 day old hair so I put a teeny tiny bit on, concentrating on my (dry ass frizzy) ends. Step 2) lightly finger detangle, dry braid then knot into sections (I did about 15) Step 3) lightly spray the knots with water to activate old product in hair Step 4) blow dry on low with low heat Step 5) take out knotted braids, fluff and style

The whole process took less then an hour because it was a mostly “dry” process. Didn’t need to wait over night for soaking wet knots to dry.

Results: a wavy head of hair that is 10 times more manageable then a rats nest for the day, until I decide to wash and wet knot for more defined curls 🙂


My tools


I’m not sure why my water bottle looks anorexic. I can’t get it to get normal again haha. All well, still works!

– xoxo, Jessica


Bantu Knots

Testing out Bantu Knotstonight!

Husband looked at me like I was nuts when he saw them 🙂


I’ll let you know how it turns out tomorrow!

– Jessica



Well. I took them down, fluffed them out, they looked pretty good. Decided to go for a run and in typical Florida fashion…it started pouring. So…definitely don’t have the after picture to show 😦 My hair/body/shoes are drenched.