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Hair Update/Review

Well, well, well, here we are (me and my curls) in December! 9 months relaxer free and just started seeing some MAJOR changes in my curls. I got a trim about a month and a half ago, and the lowest layer of my hair is now relaxer free (again, I have an asymmetrical bob). My curls must be happy or something, because all of a sudden, HELLO VOLUME

I’ve been experimenting with different products again, because as my hair has slowly transitioned from mostly relaxed to halfway relaxed, products I hated are now working and products I loved…are in the trash.

Today’s experiment included: Co-wash with Herbal Essences (purple one…not buying that again), Palmer’s Coconut Hair Milk and Beautiful Textures Curl Control Pudding.


I haven’t used the pudding for a wash and go until today and have been beyond surprised at the results. Soft, defined curls in my natural hair and wavy controlled ends on my relaxed hair. A+ from this transitioner!ImageImageImageImageImage

The next one shows the drastic difference between where my natural hair stops and relaxed hair starts. Spirals vs waves haha


Happy to have found some new faves for a wash and go! I was using Garnier Cream Gel, but it has not been working as well since my last trim and I have a feeling I will be phasing that out the longer I transition. What the fro wants, the fro gets!

– xoxo, Jessica


Attention: Ringlets have been spotted!!

They’re heeeeereeeee *creepy poltergeist voice*

My itty witty baby curls, my RINGLETS!! They’ve made their debut. Entering into my 4th month natural for those wondering.

What used to send me to my next perm appt, now gives me excitement!



Teehee!! I find myself messing with them when I’m bored. Ive been irritating the shit out of my husband asking him to “look” at my scalp to comment on my new growth. Typical response: yup, it’s curly. Men!!



As you can see in the next picture, the front of my hair…edges, if you will, are growing in as slow as possible.


That hair is definitely a different texture, prob from heat/relaxer damage. I can tell there has been a lot of “new” hair growth as my hair line has become fuller.

I’m Currently cowashing regularly when wearing my hair curly. I freshen up the curls with a hair bottle filled with water, coconut hair milk and curl smoothing oil. I’ve been experimenting with twist and braid outs…not having as much success as I do with scrunching with a tshirt and defusing…will continue to try and change up the techniques.

That’s it for now!

Oh and Happy 4th all!!

– xoxo, Jessica