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Some of my faves right now

These flats. Thanks Payless! So comfy.

This candle. B&BW. Also, try the “Leaves” one. To die for.

Neutral nails. Pinterest inspiration on left, my spin on the right 🙂

This skirt. I mean, it’s a bit summery, but I think with black tights a different top and boots I can twerk it for Fall.

Have I mentioned my new bed? 😉 Here’s my BFF standing next to it. STANDING.

What are some of your new Fall faves?

– xoxo, Jessica


A hint of Halloween

Aaron told me I wasn’t allowed to decorate for Halloween yet. We compromised and decided that on the 15th I could “start” to put things out lol.

So, to prove I could be subtle, I decided on a two part Halloween decor plan. Sept 15 – Oct 1 would be subtle fall/Halloween. Oct 1 – 21 complete Halloween overload!

I found amazing black and white striped bows and ribbon at Michael’s and brought out my orange and twig pumpkins and printed some subway art that combined the color scheme. I quite like subtle…for now.

Edit (9/18): just found these at Target! LOVE when things just come together! See the little bit of orange stitching? So, so, so cute!


Speaking if black and white stripes, Oscar De La Renta created this…

If anyone would like to purchase this for me so I can wear it for the next two weeks straight plus any special occasion for the rest of my life, I’d REALLY appreciate it 😉

– xoxo, Jessica

p.s. If you like Subway art, I found it at Eighteen25 blog! Thanks ladies! Love your printables 🙂

Just like a one winged dove…

Sings a song, sounds like she’s singing…oooo! Baby, oooo, said oooo!

I went to an 80’s party this weekend. which explains this…


Yup…and a little of this


My husband is the leather clad member of the Village People in the top left corner haha! It was fun, nostalgic and silly. I’m a little frightened to see what other pics emerge from that night because I may or may not have had too much gin 😉

Also, this weekend I purchased *drumroll*

Pumpkin Cream Cheese!! So, so, so good! I also ordered pumpkin lip balm from Posh haha! Pumpkin overload!

Saturday night, we rented “Silent House”.


It was surprisingly good! We had about 5 people over and everyone liked it, which I find rare because scary movies are so lame these days.

Sunday was an extremely lazy day for me. I felt really off all day and spent it grocery shopping, then napping off and on.

All in all, it was a great weekend and I can definitely feel a difference in the air. Come on Fall! Husband banned me from putting up Halloween decorations this early. I am itching with excitement!

How was your weekend?

– xoxo, Jessica

P.S. Hair update pics are up in the natural hair tab!



Yayyyy jasdojdiohdroehrfeoihfoieahwioeh!!!!!!!

This is about how my face looked when I heard the news, except…in human form


Yup, that about sums it up.

Get ready intestinal lining! PUMPKIN SPICE coming your way!

– Jessica

Purse Party + Fall Recipes

So last night I had a purse party. You know, kind of like a Tupperware Party, but WAY more fun because it’s purses 🙂



Of course I forgot to take pics of the purses, the happenings and the food 😦 Eh…I didn’t even have time to do my hair (hence the bald look aka bun). BUT I do have some of the links to recipes I used that were a hit!


These were SO GOOD. My best friend Jordyn has an alterego called The Healthy Housewife. The Healthy Housewife has an AWESOME food blog. These are one of her creations. They are called Chocolate Ginger Cookies and they are so Fall-y and delicious.


Also made these Mini Apple Pies from a recipe I found on Pinterest by the Little Bit Funky blog. They were amazing! Once the apples were peeled and diced, the rest of it was super easy to put together. There is something about miniature food that is so exciting!

Notice a Fall theme yet? haha I can’t wait for the season change!


Lastly, I made this Fall Dip. I didn’t get as fancy as Carolina Charm and put it in a pumpkin though. This was kind of a sleeper item on the table. I don’t think people realized what exactly it was because I didn’t have time to label anything and I was well into my 3rd glass of Sangria by the time the party got going so I didn’t really announce it (sorry not sorry). Once people started trying it with the ginger cookies and other dipping items, it went pretty fast.

Let me know if you try any of these! I loved them all!

-xoxo, Jessica