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Saturday Workout

This Saturday has been hellish and it’s not even noon 😉

I started the morning with Jillian. She is just so rude. Direct quote, “I need you to be cursing my name”! Challenge accepted you crazy bitch!

After Jillian, I joined my bestie, The Healthy Housewife, to do a 3 mile bridge run.


Umm….ouch. Like I said, hellish.

Today I’ll be at the beach then line dancing the night away, so I’m glad to be done early! Bring it Saturday!


Week 2 Wrap Up: Jillian Michaels

I promised a Jillian Michaels update…here it freaking is.

Week 2 of Ripped in 30 SUCKS.


The first day I did it, I thought I was going to puke. It got easier as the week went on, if the definition of easier means that I didn’t feel nauseous afterwards. I still wanted to punch the tv every time she said the words “plank jacks” or “mountain climbers” or even worse “plank jumps”.

Did I mention “Spider Push Ups” yet?????????????


Day 1: I verbally assaulted the television

Day 2: I tried a few and by few, I mean one. Then I pouted as I did a plank instead for that minute.

Day 4: I managed them on my knees

Day 5: HELL YEAH! I DID IT! One set of 8. Not bad. Moving on…


Down another 1 inch. That is now 5 inches total in 2 weeks. Once again, I measure chest, right upper arm, waist, hips and my right thigh.

My weight was down 1.6 lbs! Exciting! I actually stepped on the scale again last night after my day of detoxing from the weekend and it was down a little further, but I weigh on Mondays and Mondays is what I am officially tracking by so…yeah.

My final thoughts on Week 2 could be summed up by, “glad that’s over”. Could I have eaten better? Sure. Could I have drank more water? Yes. Did I enjoy my vacation in spite of a few poor food choices and indulging? Absolutely.

I managed to work out 3 times over the 4 days I was out of town. *Pats self on back*

In total I did the Ripped in 30 workout 4 times that week, so I missed my goal by 1, but I did go to the gym 4 times within that week in addition to the video (for running or to hit the weights), so I’d say I did pretty damn good.

On to week 3…evil Jillian, do you worst.



I’m dying…Week 3

I made it back from our road trip.

I (kind of) made my goals. I”ll talk more about that tomorrow.

I will also measure tomorrow and do a full Week 2 post TOMORROW because I REFUSE to measure today. At least not until I detox a bit from this weekend’s…cheat meal(s)…


Damn it.

I really didn’t eat THAT bad all weekend considering my lack of control of where we ate and what we did, but I did indulge a little more than usual. I was on vacation. SUE ME.

As of right now, all you need to know is that I’m in week 3. First day was today.

Here is a visual of what I probably looked like this after my first Week 3 workout was over 30 minutes ago…


This is not my cat. I found it on Google. I thought it accurately represented how exhausted I was, except I was much sweatier and WAY more pathetic.

Here’s to being HALFWAY DONE with Ripped in 30 and IMMEDIATELY jumping back into my regular eating routine.


Jillian Michael’s Update: Ripped in 30

I’m in week two.

I’m in hell.

I’m only in week TWO -__-


This bitch is evil. I’m NOT quitting evil Jillian!!

Today marks the halfway point. THANK GOD.



Week One Wrap Up: Jillian Michaels

Hey, hey, hey!

So, it’s been one full week since I started Jillian Michaels Ripped in 30 DVD program.


So far, so good! I made my goals of completing the week 1 DVD 5 times within the past week. I also half way made my goal of running 3 miles twice this week. I kind of fizzled out at the end of the week due to my monthly friend visiting and CINCO DE MAYO. Heeellllooooo bloat!

Weigh in: Up .4 pounds -__- Stupid salted margaritas

Inch check: Down 4 inches all around (I measure my chest, right arm, waist, hips and right thigh) I’m kind of skeptical of this amount because it seems like a lot and I wouldn’t put it past myself to be measuring the wrong spot, but HEY, progress is progress and I’ll take what I can get! I’ve been keeping track of my eating, inches, weight, etc in this…


RUN, DON’T WALK to Target or HERE and buy it. It’s amazing. It literally helps you track everything and I also made it even more intense by adding pictures of my weekly progress. It has sections for you to track weekly goals, water intake, exercise, etc. I love it. There is also a pregnancy one as well which I thought was pretty awesome for you fit mommies out there!

Back to Jillian, the first week was pretty tame. The first two days I was sore, then from there is was easy to find the time to fit in the workouts. By day 4, it seems like all of a sudden my arms and legs were Jello so I took a day off and did day 5 on Saturday. Overall, I definitely feel tighter all around and I really enjoyed the overall layout of the program.

On to week 2!