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Hair Update/Review

Well, well, well, here we are (me and my curls) in December! 9 months relaxer free and just started seeing some MAJOR changes in my curls. I got a trim about a month and a half ago, and the lowest layer of my hair is now relaxer free (again, I have an asymmetrical bob). My curls must be happy or something, because all of a sudden, HELLO VOLUME

I’ve been experimenting with different products again, because as my hair has slowly transitioned from mostly relaxed to halfway relaxed, products I hated are now working and products I loved…are in the trash.

Today’s experiment included: Co-wash with Herbal Essences (purple one…not buying that again), Palmer’s Coconut Hair Milk and Beautiful Textures Curl Control Pudding.


I haven’t used the pudding for a wash and go until today and have been beyond surprised at the results. Soft, defined curls in my natural hair and wavy controlled ends on my relaxed hair. A+ from this transitioner!ImageImageImageImageImage

The next one shows the drastic difference between where my natural hair stops and relaxed hair starts. Spirals vs waves haha


Happy to have found some new faves for a wash and go! I was using Garnier Cream Gel, but it has not been working as well since my last trim and I have a feeling I will be phasing that out the longer I transition. What the fro wants, the fro gets!

– xoxo, Jessica


Hair update

Well, the bottom of my hair is ALL natural! It’s been 8 months since I started the transitioning process. Here’s a pic – this was after a wash and go, my hair is kind of dry because I used mousse and then bunned it after work, but you can still see the curls coming in strong!


I still plan on keeping my hair around this length (maybe a bit longer – collar bone) until all of it is natural 🙂

– Jessica

Hair Update: October

Hair is growing, growing, growing. Even with a trim, it’s almost to my shoulder when straightened (at the front – it’s cut asymmetrically). Loving my new darkened color.

Today, I did a dry braided Bantu knot out. I call it dry because I didn’t start it with freshly washed hair. In fact…it was a dried out certified rats nest of curls.

What I did:
Step 1) put a little bit of product in hair, mine was 3 day old hair so I put a teeny tiny bit on, concentrating on my (dry ass frizzy) ends. Step 2) lightly finger detangle, dry braid then knot into sections (I did about 15) Step 3) lightly spray the knots with water to activate old product in hair Step 4) blow dry on low with low heat Step 5) take out knotted braids, fluff and style

The whole process took less then an hour because it was a mostly “dry” process. Didn’t need to wait over night for soaking wet knots to dry.

Results: a wavy head of hair that is 10 times more manageable then a rats nest for the day, until I decide to wash and wet knot for more defined curls 🙂


My tools


I’m not sure why my water bottle looks anorexic. I can’t get it to get normal again haha. All well, still works!

– xoxo, Jessica

Product Review: Beautiful Textures Flat Iron Silkener

I bought a few things on a trip to Sally’s the other day and was pleasantly surprised with one product that I bought on a whim.


At first, I was turned off by the packaging. It’s loud, tacky and busy. Not my cup of tea when it comes to branding, but HEY! Don’t judge a book (or hair product) by it’s cover.

They claim it’s for “mixed textures” on the label. I couldn’t figure out if that meant mixed race hair, transitioning mixed textures of mixed hair types in general on one head of hair (4b, 4c, etc.) Anyways, aside from that confusion, the ingredients didn’t raise any red flags *in my book* so I decided to give it a go. (*note* I do not rule out products that aren’t completely natural. The last ingredient listed is methyl ionone gamma, a preservative aka paraben. The first ingredient, cyclopentasiloxane aka silicone. I am not opposed to using silicones when straightening my hair because they act as a heat protectant. I deep condition my hair prior to “sealing” with the silicone product and straightening. When using the right shampoos, you can avoid silicone buildup and prevent damage.)


– Price point. If it’s less than $10 I’m a happy buyer

– Smells AWESOME. Smells way better than the Biolage smoothing serum I’ve been using which was double the price.

– Hair felt light after straightening. I hate heavy, greasy feeling hair.

– Edges feel very smooth (I’ve been having issues with dealing with my damaged edges, this really helped smooth and control them. They don’t feel brittle at all.)


-Packaging 😉

-The bottle itself is a little awkward. I’d prefer one of those push tops that you can pour out instead of the twist cap or maybe even a pump.

– For some natural hair mavens, cones and parabens are an immediate turn off

I found no other cons, because it honestly did really well in my hair. I’ll probably try a few of their other products from the line because this one was great!

I also bought some new bobby pins which is seriously exciting in my world right now. I’ve been scavenging them because I kept forgetting to get new ones haha.

I went for some I saw hairscapades review a while back.Image

They are called Metagrip and let me tell you, they are serious! Sometimes I find that bobby pins will slip out or pop out, especially when I’m manipulating my straightened hair. These have been staying put! They were $6 I believe, for 300 of them. Totally worth it.

That’s what’s new in my hair world! Happy transitioning everyone!

– xoxo, Jessica

Trans Hair Don’t Care

Rockin a top knot curtesy of my clip in extensions. Messy as hell, edges crazy, could use a few more bobby pins and the extensions don’t even match my hair that well right now. Guess who doesn’t give a fuck?


Gonna call it “ombré” and keep the day moving 😉

**UPDATE** just got a complement on this mess in Sally’s Beauty Supply! Literal lolzzzz

– Jessica

Bantu Knots

Testing out Bantu Knotstonight!

Husband looked at me like I was nuts when he saw them 🙂


I’ll let you know how it turns out tomorrow!

– Jessica



Well. I took them down, fluffed them out, they looked pretty good. Decided to go for a run and in typical Florida fashion…it started pouring. So…definitely don’t have the after picture to show 😦 My hair/body/shoes are drenched.


“Living a Lye”…

“Living a Lye”

What the feck?


Just ran across this quote a few times today reading natural hair blogs, forums, etc.

“I’m tired of living a lye” ; “I was tired of living a lie” ; “Relaxers are a lye”

Seriously though, why does going natural have to be so dramatic?

Did you consider relaxing a lie? I personally don’t understand why that’s a lie. Everyone knew that my stick straight hair was not my natural hair. I mean, I knew, my family knew, my friends knew. Who was I trying to fool? NEWSFLASH: PERMS AREN’T FOOLING ANYONE! I mean really, they never have.

I went natural because I was sick of fighting my hair into something that it’s not…easily manageable. I sacrificed the health of my hair for convenience. Does the desire of convenience make you a liar? Not in my book.

Just my thoughts, take em or leave em.

– Jessica