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Closet makeover!!

Exciting things our happening in the master closet!!



Stay tuned for more! 🙂

– xoxo, Jessica


Um hi, remember me?

So…I don’t know where I’ve been, but hello WordPress! SO MUCH HAS HAPPENED.

I lost like, a lot of weight.

We bought a house.

My adventure with Origami Owl is better than ever.

Where to begin??

Duh, house!

*drum roll*






Oh yeahhhh


CHECK OUT THAT VANITY! One of my besties walked in and goes, “oh, sweet camo sink”



Pros: Generally clean, brand new carpet in bedrooms/hallway, 3 bed – 2 bath (what we wanted), 2 car garage, decent backyard and patio space, freshly painted walls – ready for color, AWESOME neighborhood. I know, because I grew up down the street. If you’re good at math and assumptions, YES, we just moved a street away from my mother 🙂

Cons: We moved a street away from my mother (lol – kidding), carpet (*gag* I’m a hard wood type of gal…yes I read that and am still going to post it), disgusting appliances, needs exterior paint BADLY, no closet space anywhere.

I’m looking forward to posting updates of what we do with this house. Despite my sarcasm, I do love it. We wanted a fixer upper so we bought a fixer upper. I PROMISE, I will be posting before and afters soon, but for now I’m dealing with this…


Hi there leak! Right into our master closet! YAY FOR HOME OWNERSHIP!!!

-xoxo, Jess

Let me, let me upgrade you


This was our old bed. It was rickety. One wheel was missing on the bed frame which caused the entire bed leaned to one side. The head board is sized for a queen, our mattress was a full. This means that is could only attach to one side of the bed. This also means that every time we would *ahem* the headboard would bang against the wall. Although, this was tolerable and even a bit funny the first time it happened, after a year it became an annoyance. One night, our mattress literally slid off of the box spring. We fell head first into the floor. Probably one of my favorite memories in our first year of marriage, but definitely one I don’t want to re-live.

This is our new bed. It’s HUGE.


Notice the change in height? (use the lower picture vs mattress as a guide)

It sits at the height of my belly button which brings new meaning to the phrase “climb into bed”. We are considering buying the 1/2 sized box springs to bring the height down, but I kind of love how ridiculously, comically, laugh-so-hard-you-cry-because-of-the bigness of it.
Here are some images that celebrate our new bed! Enjoy 🙂


This is my 5’10” friend who is still not tall enough to casually sit on this behemoth.


This is my dog Kaine who is frightened of the new bed. He did NOT want to sit next to it.


This is me hanging out under my new bed. After this picture I rolled around under the bed like a child and had a mild giggle fit thinking of all the stuff I could now fit under the bed.

That is all the nonsense I will post concerning my new bed…today.

I will now be painting that awful spot on our bedroom ceiling that I never noticed until today because I sleep much closer to the ceiling at night because of how big our new bed is 🙂

– xoxo, Jessica