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I want!

Do you ever just…look around the internet..for things. Not porny pervy things, but things you want to own for the sake of having new things? The idea of buying something, anything, fills your mind. Often times the happens out of sheet boredom or after a particularly stressful day for me. I have not been indulging in these urges lately because A) I’m a grad student/newlywed…if you need more explanation on that it means I’m BROKE. B) Christmas is coming which means I’ll either ask for these random finds OR buy them for myself when out shopping for others (judge me, I don’t care).

Anyways…for your viewing pleasure…My list of things I want to buy, but refuse to allow myself to buy until a later, more appropriate time!!!

1) Blue Avocado Lunch Tote


These are SO COOL. Particularly this one….


Do I pack lunches on the reg? No. Do I want to have a kickass lunch set when I do? YES! (I mean, who wouldn’t?)

2) Michael Kors Gold and Horn Watch


I fricken love this watch. I’ve always loved the look of white watches on others, but not on me. Too stark for me. This one looks GREAT against my skin tone and is just, a work of art. I try it on every. time. I go to Macy’s 🙂

3) The Grip and Tip (*snort laugh*) Nail Polish Holder

ImageHow convenient right? You don’t even have to do the awkward dip and tip between each nail with this bad boy.

4) THIS Iphone Case in THIS color.


So chic it hurts.

5) Sideways Cross Ring


Lastly…and most useful looking, but would probably never get used….

6) Contigo Kangaroo Water Bottle! (preferably in Teal)


*sigh* A girl can dream, right?

– xoxo, Jessica

p.s. The links to purchase any of these items can be found when you click on the pictures (HINT MUTHERCLICKING HINT AARON) lolzzzz Christmas is in 3 months!