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This past weekend I helped my mom begin the LONG process of organizing and redecorating her house.

It will be long and exhausting because:

1) The house is PACKED with furniture. Literally, we have to walk sideways in some hallways and rooms thanks to my hoarding father (may he rest in peace).

2) My mom can’t help but be a bit emotional during the process. Every antique or picture or random thing has a story or argument behind it (he used to “decorate” aka attach random things to the wall like a friggin Applebee’s when we weren’t home)

3) Have I mentioned she has custody of my 4 year old mildly autistic niece? Yeah. Basically we are attempting to do all of this work while entertaining this sweet doll baby…


Wow, makes me tired just typing all that!

Anyways, here’s the result of Phase 1: Guest Room. Kicking myself for not taking a before of what the room looked like before we rearranged the furniture!


My mom wanted less depressing and less overwhelming. I think we are off to a great start!

What do you think?

– xoxo, Jessica