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“Living a Lye”…

“Living a Lye”

What the feck?


Just ran across this quote a few times today reading natural hair blogs, forums, etc.

“I’m tired of living a lye” ; “I was tired of living a lie” ; “Relaxers are a lye”

Seriously though, why does going natural have to be so dramatic?

Did you consider relaxing a lie? I personally don’t understand why that’s a lie. Everyone knew that my stick straight hair was not my natural hair. I mean, I knew, my family knew, my friends knew. Who was I trying to fool? NEWSFLASH: PERMS AREN’T FOOLING ANYONE! I mean really, they never have.

I went natural because I was sick of fighting my hair into something that it’s not…easily manageable. I sacrificed the health of my hair for convenience. Does the desire of convenience make you a liar? Not in my book.

Just my thoughts, take em or leave em.

– Jessica