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Week 2 Wrap Up: Jillian Michaels

I promised a Jillian Michaels update…here it freaking is.

Week 2 of Ripped in 30 SUCKS.


The first day I did it, I thought I was going to puke. It got easier as the week went on, if the definition of easier means that I didn’t feel nauseous afterwards. I still wanted to punch the tv every time she said the words “plank jacks” or “mountain climbers” or even worse “plank jumps”.

Did I mention “Spider Push Ups” yet?????????????


Day 1: I verbally assaulted the television

Day 2: I tried a few and by few, I mean one. Then I pouted as I did a plank instead for that minute.

Day 4: I managed them on my knees

Day 5: HELL YEAH! I DID IT! One set of 8. Not bad. Moving on…


Down another 1 inch. That is now 5 inches total in 2 weeks. Once again, I measure chest, right upper arm, waist, hips and my right thigh.

My weight was down 1.6 lbs! Exciting! I actually stepped on the scale again last night after my day of detoxing from the weekend and it was down a little further, but I weigh on Mondays and Mondays is what I am officially tracking by so…yeah.

My final thoughts on Week 2 could be summed up by, “glad that’s over”. Could I have eaten better? Sure. Could I have drank more water? Yes. Did I enjoy my vacation in spite of a few poor food choices and indulging? Absolutely.

I managed to work out 3 times over the 4 days I was out of town. *Pats self on back*

In total I did the Ripped in 30 workout 4 times that week, so I missed my goal by 1, but I did go to the gym 4 times within that week in addition to the video (for running or to hit the weights), so I’d say I did pretty damn good.

On to week 3…evil Jillian, do you worst.